RadhaKrishn, 25th June 2022, Written Episode Update: Crisis on Srinivas: Here we are back with the latest update of RadhaKrishn. All the loves of the most delicate daily soap. This serial is running well with high TRP on the television. It is a very famous serial among people. It is a Hindi language serial. According to the promo video, this episode starts with Krishna looking at Bhargavi’s Kundali and remembering Bhrigu that Bhargavi is Dhanlaxmi, Dhairyalaxmi, Gajlaxmi, Santaanlaxmi, Vidyalaxmi, Manlaxmi, Dhanyalaxmi, Prasannalaxmi, in total an Astalaxmi. Vasu tells King Akash that he creates all the arrangements for Padmavati’s swayamwar. Here we have more information about the episode and will share it with you in this article, so let’s continue the article. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com


RadhaKrishn 25th June 2022

King compliments him and says all should praise his arraignment. Vasu says whatever can occur, Swayamvar will occur for sure. He only wants to marry Bhargavi after Padmavati’s Swayamwar. Bhargavi meets Krishna t the riverbed and picks a lotus for herself. Srinivas says he wants to marry her before Bhrigu clears the truth. Bhargavi asks what he means. He says he doesn’t know astrology. She says if he doesn’t know astrology so how did he predict Padmavati’s wedding mahurat. He gabbles and she asks him to check her Kundali and make her father happy.

RadhaKrishn Written Update

Srinivas gets into a dilemma. Bhrigu checks Bhargavi’s kundalini and says to his disciples that Padmavati and Bhagavi’s Kundalis are so if Padmavati’s marriage is tomorrow even Bhargavi’s marriage must be tomorrow. Padmavati feels annoyances failing to show her love for Srinivas, She meets Srinivas and shows her love for him, but Srinivas says him to hold on because her Swayamwar is tomorrow and goes from there. He comes back to his room and looks at Bhargavi’s Kundali. Scroll down the page for more information about the episode.

Govindraj taunts him at Bhrigu will get him married to Bhargavi after he predicts her Kundali. Srinivas says she can not able to. Vasu’s aide hears that and informs Vasu. Vasu mocks Srinivas that he doesn’t know astrology. He meets Vasu and asks him to show his astrology skills and find Bhargavi’s wedding Muhurat. Srinivas agrees. Bhrigu waits for Srinivas. Srinivas thinks he is coming. so are you excited about the episode? It is going to be very amazing and entertaining, so don’t forget to watch the full episode of RadhaKrishn on the Star Bharat at 9:00 PM on the television. Stay tuned for more updates.


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