Radhakrishn is the trending TV serial which is spiritual and attracting more and more visitors to Star Bharat. The stars are playing a very good role and their acting skills are being applauded. In the episode, we see that Radha starts helping her friend in getting ready. Then Krishna comes there. Radha thinks why she is not able to think anything. Radha asks god to help her. Krishn says I will help my Radha doing the stuff. She starts asking him about the accessories. He decides which will go with the dress.

In Radhakrishn, 24th April Written episode we will see that Radha will get the answers to all her questions. She starts decorating her sister. Radha says Soham will become more attracted towards you. Radha thinks that Krishna also knows everything about the beauty of a woman. Her sister gets up and asks what happened. Krishna tells that Soham has denied coming here. Radha becomes so sad, so as her sister. Radha asks where is Soham. Krishna takes Radha to Soham. Radha asks what happened Soham. Soham says I am an orphan. Radha asks why you did not tell her before. Soham says I had fear about this.

Radha says Chandravalli loves you so much as she has confronted her parents about her love. Radha develops doubt and Krishna asks what happened. Radha says that you told me that the poet is so true and I believe you. Balram becomes so sad. Chandravalli’s parents say that Soham is the ideal partner for their daughter. Everybody praises Radha that she has brought a good partner from her experience and intelligence. Krishna asks Radha if she is confident about Soham then she thinks about it again. Radha is not sure about this. Radha and Krishna sits and Kans thinks that he will have to kill Krishna. For more updates of Radhakrishan episode, stay tuned with us.


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