The episode of Radhakrishn starts with Krishna talking to Ayan and Ayan is so angry. Krishna asks where are you going. Ayan asks why you are bothered. Baldau says that Krishna is bothered about everybody in this place. Ayan gets angry and says this is your time and my time will also come someday. Krishna thinks now he has to do something for his Radha also. Radha was sleeping and Krishna goes into her dreams and asks her to get a fruit.

In RadhaKrishn 23rd May 2019, episode written updates we will see that Radha bites that fruit and they both reaches to Kailash Mansarovar. Radha becomes so happy. Krishna says we are at Kailash. Radha says I cannot think that I am standing at Kailash. She wakes up then. Ayan and his mother reaches to Kansa and says we have been abolished by saint. Kansa says stop the marriage of Krishna and Radha. Kansa says what we are doing now. He asks one of his ministers.


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