Radhakrishn is the spiritual serial which comes on Star Bharat. Krishna’s mother goes to find a suitable match for Krishna and teases him of being so naughty. Krishna says that Radha has all the qualities. She says then what we should do. Krishna then admits that he wants to marry Radha. Yashodha says that I would love to accept Radha as my daughter in law. Radha becomes so happy. Yashodha says that this thing should remain as a secret and nobody should know this. When she will get time then they will talk to their husbands.

In Radhakrishn 22nd May 2019 episode we will see that everybody is not happy with the fact that Radha and Krishan will be marrying. Ayan says you cannot marry Radha as she is mine. Ayan says I will kill you and I cannot see you marrying my Radha. He is so outrageous that he says he every time sent so devils to kill Krishan. Ayan is so tensed and angry and says he will get Radha at any cost and he will use everything. Krishna says that this not love but an obsession. Ayan says that you will be killed by me and that day Radha will become mine.

Radha says that we will roam the world after our marriage. Krishna says that this permission of marriage is given on the condition that you will take care of the whole family. She says yes and now I do not wish to roam the world as the most important thing is to marry you. Then Ayan’s mother talks to her husband and says I want Radha as my daughter in law. Then Ayan comes home and says I want to marry Radha. We will see what happens next? Whether Krishna and Radha will meet or Ayan will marry Radha? For more Radhakrishn written updates, stay tuned with us.


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