The Korean Series is ready to entertain all of us. The series is titled Racket Boys and entering in the final match. Currently, viewers are curious about the release and when the series will be available to watch’. The series is ready to make a mind-blowing entry among the fans. Possibly it will be the blockbuster of the month. Here are various details including the cast, release date, and where to watch.

racket boys episode 16 release date & time

The story of Racket Boys seasons 1 episode 16 is not yet revealed officially. Although the trailer has been released where you can assume the actual story of this episode. But according to our suggestion, you should watch the series online. Definitely, you will not disappoint from this upcoming release.

Racket Boys Episode 16 Release Date

This is season 1 of the series that has achieved a huge number of views. The Racket Boys season 1 episode 16 will be released on Netflix on August 9, 2021, at 08:30 PM.  There are several other timings available for different regions. The release of this episode has been delayed. Here is the reason why the release has been scheduled many times.

  • Pacific Time: 8 AM PDT on Monday, August 9th
  • Central Time: 10 AM CDT on Monday, August 9th
  • Eastern Time: 11 AM EDT on Monday, August 9th
  • British Time: 4 PM BST on Monday, August 9th
  • European Time: 5 PM CEST on Monday, August 9th
  • India Time: 8: 30 PM IST on Monday, August 9th
  • Philippine Time: 11 PM PHT on Monday, August 9th
  • Australia Time: 12: 30 AM on Tuesday, August 10th

Because of Tokyo Olympics 2020 Racket Boys season 1 episode 16 has been postponed many times but now finally reaches the official premiere. You can watch it on Netflix. Here are the remaining details available including the cast.

Racket Boys Episode 16: Season Finale

  • Kim Sang-kyung
  • Oh Na-ra
  • Lee Jae-in

Your excitement will be double after knowing that this series has amazing reviews on IMDB. This is the final date and the series will be available on the date. No doubt you will enjoy it and it will receive a huge response than its previous blockbuster Season 1 Episode 15. However, the English subtitle is still missing and yet to come among viewers.


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