The upcoming episode starts with Vyas Ji because Vyas Ji Goes from the loan without asking anyone and when Chahat tries to make him understand, he does not want to talk about this matter then every member of the family follows him. Neel is shocked because he can not tolerate all this he goes home back. Until he goes home for going Delhi, Balek says when everything is done then Chahat will force him to marry.

Qurbaan Hua 18th November 2020 Written Update: Vyas Ji Goes from The Loan

In the Next scene, Neel enters the room while making them understand that he does not have the power to face anyone and now he can not stay with this face. He gets ready to go to Delhi but he knows he has to face this condition at least once. Chahat shows sympathy for him and says he met an accident So, he does not lose hope. Firstly, he needs to identify what happened with Neels precious coin.

Bofo is amazed to see Chahat and says that he has a strong plan and that plan will be able to catch the real criminals. On the other side, Neil comes dressed as a policeman, Bofo praises him and then creates a sadness, Bofo says that Chahat has really changed Neil’s personality, Chahat gets the news that he too, Neil shouldn’t spend too much time with himself. Bofo so she can act. Everyone knows that she is acting, Chahat gets annoyed and she actually acts like a rural woman, Bofo will definitely teach Neil acting and then all his work.

In the next scene, When one person collides with Chahat at that time he rights Vespa and spoils his life. She shouts and says what did you do to her. She calls the police and tells about the accident. He has to find the person who ordered the coins. Neel informed that Vyas is also part of the family and he must have helped to still the gold coins.

In the next scene, you see Vyas Ji asking the jewelers to leave, and tells Chahat, Neil tells him that he cannot do anything like this with his family. Balek goes to Vyas Ji, he proves this He tries to do that he never thought of anything wrong. This is how they both lie, on the other hand, Vyas Ji does not believe that Balek has made him a member of his family. Seeing the snake emerge, Vyas Ji slaps him and along with this, the episode ends.




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