Who Is Quin69 On Twitter? Quin69 Blown Over $18K On Diablo Immortal: A Twitch streamer has become one of the popular streamers playing the brand new game titled Diablo Immortal. In this article, we are talking about a Twitch streamer from New Zealand who is famous with the stage name Quin69. However, the real name of Quin69 is Quintin. Recently, he made news headlines for paying a whopping amount to buy a five-star gem. The aforementioned game is being criticized by its users and game lovers thanks to its pay-to-win model and bugs. There are many aspects to learn about Diablo Immortal. In addition, we will also tell you how much a New Zealand-based Twitch streamer paid for a five-star gem in Diablo Immortal. Kindly read down this article till the end and fetch everything related to Quin69 and Diablo Immortal. Follow UptoBrain.com For More Updates


Who Is Quin69 On Twitter?

Netizens are criticizing this newly released game for charging too much to buy any gem or customization of the player. Many gamers have shared their experience of playing Diablo Immortal. According to thousand of game lovers, the main motive of Diablo Immortal developers or creators is to generate revenue and extract money as much as they can through this game. The same experience was also shared by New Zealand-based Twitch streamer Quin69 who paid a jaw-dropping amount to purchase the most powerful gem in the game. Have a look below for more details and information.

According to the source, Quin69 has notoriously spent thousands of dollars to buy a five-star gem. As per the source, he bought the game’s microtransactions. Quin69 had still to get any of the five-star legendary gems in the game until he paid $25,000 NZD. Yes, he splurged more than $25,000 NZD to get his first legendary gem in Diablo Immortal. According to the source, Quin69 was yelling on stream after buying a five-star gem. Shift to the next section to get more about the Diablo Immortal game.

The aforementioned Twitch streamer streamed several streams on Twitch and now his Twitch streams have become a reason for the argument on social media as he raised his voice against microtransactions and loot boxes in Diablo Immortal. Quin69 paid an enormous amount on Diablo Immortal to show the game lovers that this game is not worth buying and they should avoid themselves being trapped or getting exhausted from money in buying microtransactions in Diablo Immortal. Stay tuned to this page for more details.


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