In recent days, we have shared several incidents that relate to someone’s private video surfing on social media among users. Along with this, the name Hidayat Khilji has been circulating on social media and it is also creating a big confusion on the Internet. If you want to know more about the man and the reality behind the incident so, keep reading this article. Before around 2-3 days ago, a girl’s inappropriate video went viral on social media and it was believed that someone is forcing them to record inappropriate videos. Later, a complaint was filed by the mother of the girls to the Quetta police station, Pakistan.

Quetta Leaked Video

After the investigation, two suspects were arrested by police for allegedly forcing women to record inappropriate videos and later sharing them on social media. One of the suspects has been identified as Hidayat Khilji. After the arrest was made, one more video was shared on social media where the girl can be seen revealing that she recorded and shared the inappropriate video itself. Later, it was confirmed that the video was recorded forcibly by the girl. Police began their investigation and found more than 200 videos in the suspect’s phone.

Quetta Leaked Video

Now, the reports are coming directly that the girls in the video have been missing that surfaced Friday and they have not been recovered yet. Police said while sharing the details about the case. Both suspects are said to be brothers and arrested by the police on Friday. Along with this, the police also issued a statement in which, they stated that the mother of the girls has also disappeared from the scenario and they are trying to communicate with her. The names of the girls are being told as Parveen and Shireen.

Both the missing girls belong to Afghanistan and they are putting their efforts to find them as soon as possible. Two complaints had been filed against the leaked video at the Qaidabad Police Station in Quetta. The first complaint was lodged by the mother of the missing girls and the second complaint was lodged by another victim.

Both suspects have been taken into custody and remanded for 14 days for interrogation. The investigation also revealed that the suspects persuaded women with the jobs but later, they forced them to record their inappropriate videos. Now, all the things recovered from the suspect’s house including mobile phone, videos, USBs, and other devices have been sent for forensic analysis.


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