Another trend has been going on Twitter in which many users talking about before and after Queen Naija. As all of us know that Queen Naija has very famous for songs such as Pack Lite, Butterflies, and Medicine. After that, she joins American Idol in 2014 and later gets huge success as a Youtuber. Currently, Twitter is filled with lots of messages and talkative topics in which Queen Naija is a very trending topic of the day. The reason behind talking about Queen Naija is the surgery that she had done in 2019. She never ever openly talk about her ongoing surgery publicly.

queen naija

However, while she was giving birth to her first child named Legend in January 2019, she also opted to get liposuction, a fat transfer, and a butt lift. At that time, she was very open publicly about what she had done as she shared a video in 2019 posted by The Shade Room. In the video, she clearly explaining what she had done and she did not plan to get her fat remove from her upper back. Not only this, but Queen Naija also remove all the pictures of her from her all social media platforms before November 2019.

In a video, she said that “Now, if I had kept it a secret, like so many other women, have had surgery.. everyone would be saying “Liar, did you have surgery, why are you hiding it?” Lol, I tell the truth and it’s still an issue. enjoyable. Imma takes my new booty and hides in the abyss”. Now, Twitter trending the name of Queen Naija in which several netizens talking about her before and after changes. The topic of Queen Naija’s BBL surgery is the most trending topic of the day. Many people are regularly talking about her transformation.

She is already very famous for her songs and now she is again getting lots of attention from the audience just because of surgery that she had done in 2019. The interesting part of this news is that she deleted all her pictures from her social media account before November 2019 and only pictures after November 2019 are showing in her account. Not only this but the netizens trolling her because many people thinking that she can’t love herself and this is the reason why she did BBL Surgery. Queen Naija BBL Surgery has been trolling on Twitter today and many people talking about her “Before” and “After” changes.


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