In a critical World Cup encounter against New Zealand on November 4, Pakistan was challenged with a formidable target of 402 runs. Despite their recent struggles and being labeled as out of form, Pakistan astounded the global cricket community with a spectacular victory, utilizing the D/L (Duckworth-Lewis) method to claim their win.

Qudrat Ka Nizam

The remarkable victory has brought Pakistan back into contention for a spot in the World Cup semifinals, despite their previous four consecutive losses. This turn of events sparked a flurry of reactions on social media, with many using the Urdu phrase “Qudrat Ka Nizam,” which translates to the “system of nature.” This phrase gained prominence during the T20 World Cup last year when Pakistan was on the brink of elimination but was saved by a surprising victory by the Netherlands over South Africa, allowing Pakistan to reach the finals. Pakistani fans are optimistic that history might repeat itself. Here are some noteworthy responses:

“Many people were making fun… But today, you have seen what Qudrat Ka Nizam is. Well played Pakistan,” said former Pakistani fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar in a video posted on his social media account. Several fans and analysts referenced “Qudrat Ka Nizam” in the context of the rain delay, which ultimately resulted in Pakistan’s 21-run victory via the D/L method. While Pakistan had reached a score of 200/1 in 25.1 overs and appeared to be on track to chase down the 342-run target (in 42 overs), some experts suggested that the balance of the match could have shifted in New Zealand’s favor if a couple of wickets had fallen during the course of the game.

Many Pakistan fans began using the phrase “Qudrat Ka Nizam” following the team’s victory over New Zealand, but some had already connected it with New Zealand’s situation on November 1 when they suffered a significant 190-run loss to South Africa. This loss not only disrupted New Zealand’s path to the semifinals but also negatively impacted their net run rate (NRR). Looking ahead, Pakistan needs some luck to secure a spot in the top four. While they are tied with New Zealand and Afghanistan in terms of total points (8), Pakistan is currently in fifth place due to their weaker NRR. New Zealand is in fourth place with 8 points and an NRR of 0.398. Pakistan, also with 8 points, lags behind with a relatively weaker NRR of 0.036. Afghanistan is in the sixth position with 8 points and an NRR of -0.330.

New Zealand’s advantage lies in their final match against Sri Lanka, a team that has been struggling and recently suffered a massive 302-run loss to India. A victory in this match would elevate New Zealand’s point tally to 10 and potentially improve their NRR. Pakistan’s hopes rest on Sri Lanka causing an “upset,” which would allow Pakistan to secure a place in the semifinals by winning their final league game against England. Meanwhile, due to their weak NRR, Afghanistan must win their last two matches against two strong teams, Australia and South Africa, to have a chance of qualifying for the semifinals, according to analysts.


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