The Chinese Super League is back with one more fantastic match of the day and many more matches will be played under this league in the upcoming days. The die-hard fans of the league are eagerly waiting to watch these matches on the ground as their favorite team is performing in this league.

QIN vs SHD Live Score

Today, team Qingdao (QIN) and team Shandong Taishan (SHD) will play against each other in the stadium and fans are too excited to watch them together. Maybe, both teams did not play a single match in this league and they are standing in Group A as it will be the 11th Matchday out of 14. let’s talk more about the upcoming match.

Many fans are still searching for the match information because they can’t visit the stadium to watch the ongoing match due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Here is some important information about the upcoming match like when the match will start? How many players will participate in the match? which team has more chances to win this upcoming battle? and many more things to watch. Well, the Huadu Stadium, Guangzhou is the venue of the match and it will be held under the Chinese Super League. Scroll down to get more latest updates of the match including Live Score.

QIN vs SHD: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Qingdao (QIN) vs Shandong Taishan (SHD)
  • Venue:- Huadu Stadium, Guangzhou
  • League:- Chinese Super League 2021
  • Date:- Monday, August 02, 2021
  • Time:- 05:30 PM IST

QIN vs SHD: Team Squad

Qingdao (QIN):- Wang Wei, Liu Jiashen, Li Peng, F. Ulvestad, Zhu Ting, Zhao Shi, Jiang Weipeng, Zhou Junchen, Liu Zhenli, Lü Peng, Song Runtong, Fang Xinfeng, D. Radonjić, Liu Jian, Gao Xiang, Zou Zheng, Ji Xiaoxuan, Zhu Jianrong, R. Alessandrini, Hu Jiali, Yang Yu, J. Vuković, Bari Muhammateli, Zhang Haochen, Memetabdulla Ezimet, and Wang Hao.

Shandong Taishan (SHD):- Pedro Delgado, Son Jun-Ho, Xu Xin, Zheng Zheng, Shi Ke, Wang Dalei, Liu Binbin, Liu Yang, Han Rongze, Zhang Chi, Ji Xiang, Jin Jingdao, Wang Tong, Guo Tianyu, M. Fellaini, Wu Xinghan, Leonardo, Duan Liuyu, Qi Tianyu, Tian Xin, and Song Long.

QIN vs SHD: Lineups XI Player 

Qingdao (QIN):- Shi Zhao, Romain Alessandrini, Hao Wang, Yu Yang, Ji Xiaoxuan, Xiang Gao, Zhou Junchen, Dejan Radonjic, Jian Liu, Jiang Weipeng, and Hu Jiali.

Shandong Taishan (SHD):- Binbin Liu, Yang Liu, Xiang Ji, Marouane Fellaini, Dalei Wang, Ke Shi, Zheng Zheng, Jun-Ho Son, Xin Xu, Pedro Delgado, and Liuyu Duan.

QIN vs SHD: Match Prediction

Many matches have been played in this league and after analyzing the Group A standings, all the teams have played 10 matches of their own and now, the next will be the 11th match for both of the teams. The match will be held between two opposite teams because team SHD is standing on the with a total of 6 victories and a single loss out of 10 matches.

On the other side, team QIN is standing on the 8th position which is the last position of the standings and they have also played 10 matches but won just 2 matches and lost 7 matches and their performance in the last five matches was not good. So, we can find that team SHD has more chances to get victory in today’s match.


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