The today’s episode of Qaymat Ki Raat starts with:- All of they walk from the jungle. Karuna sits down and starts crying. She says to them that I can’t walk anymore as my feet are paining. The hand then follows them. Gauri says that it is a temple there. Let me try to open. she then tries to open the gate. Raj says her that what is she doing. she says its raining and didi can’t walk more so we have to go inside.

They break the tied threads and go inside. The Kaal wakes up. He says its the time to join me. He says that Swahasni you cut me into many pieces. Now I will become Kaal of your family. His head tries to get out from the trunk. He asks that where is my hand and the entire body. Then a hand comes to the trunk. They all get inside the temple. The head of kaal says that my hand can see what I can do. And orders them to find where my body is.

Mahindra gets out on a station. He says station master told me that they have missed the train. There were two boys with them. Raj says there is no network range. So let me ask from Aman. Aman says that I have lost my phone on the train. They then look for the network. Gauri sees that the gate was opened. She wonders that who had opened it. She says to her di that let’s go in. So that we could be safe from rain. And they go in. The horror hand opens all the doors. It comes to his body and takes it out from the trunk. Someone comes there with an axe. And the hand throttles him. The head of kaal says to hand that you would need a human. He then locked Birju in the room. He says that Birju’s body will be used to find the body. The horror hand then attaches to Birju’s hand.

At the moment Gauri hears some horror voice. Inspector comes and says to Birju that the name of boys are Raj and Aman. Karuna was coming to see. Inspector says that they are coming from jungle where the temple is. Dadi gets scared.Gauri walks and she falls in the same underground place where Swahasni fell. She gets too afraid. She looks all around. She thinks that why is there an underground place in the temple.

The hand  then slaps to  Birju. He tries to speak but the hand shuts him up. Aman says we shouldn’t have to take this shortcut. Then a car stops there. Mahindra and his father come
out to see. He says that where are the girls? Aman asks him that those girls? And Prithvi’s brother says the those are the same girls. And in actual they are Mahindra’s daughters.
Raj says them to don’t worry as they are in the temple. Dadi screams temple. There Gauri sees Birju. She asks him that who are you? Birju hides the hand but then the hand tries to attack on her with an axe and she screams loudly. A guy comes there to save her
and Birju’s hand hits the guy. When Karuna sees them she screams Gauri.

They all come outside. And Raj comes in. He then beats Birju. The man hugs Raj and says nice to meet you brother. Then Birju holds Gauri and puts a knife on her neck. The guy says I will kill you. Raj says them to run from here. The guy
stops Birju and asks who are you? Prithvi’s brother says that he is Birju and he was with that tantrik.

Everyone gets a call. Prithvi says them to don’t worry and says that i am coming. Everyone gets frightened. The guy ties Birju along with that hand. He says that I haven’t done anything. He asks that what were you doing in the temple since all these years?
What did you do with my father. Then Pandit ji comes there and he reads some mantras. He puts sacred water on Birju. Dharam asks for his father and Garui says that he is an old man so please leave him. She says that there is no any ghost or tantrik in him. Pandit ji puts religious water on him. The hand starts burning and  Police comes. Mahindra says that they attacked my kids.

Prithvi says that police will give him punishment too. Pandit ji then says that Birju was found in temple after 25years. He asks that pandit ji so what? I don’t believe in all these matters.Police arrest Birju and take him with them. Dharam says them to don’t leave him. Prithvi
asks you too? As You studied all these years, and still you believe in all this. It wasn’t an expecting thing from you. Raj says his dad to listen to him and he leaves. Vikram’s mom comes and takes him to home. Pandit ji says them that the winds are different and Something wrong is going to be happen. Raj gets welcomed in the house. They all welcome Mahindra and his daughters too.

Prithvi says that bahu is here first time. Vikram’s wife comes and says that the temple is opened. Prithvi asks her to stop. Prithvi asks if there is any problem regarding with his wedding? And then Mahindra adds that if she says yes there will be a yes from me too. The hand again comes and opens a window and comes in. Head says it to go and find out where the  other pieces of rest of body are. Pritvhi asks to the boys did you have to do all this? Raj explains him  that we missed the train. He adds that all four missed the train together. Gauri says I am sure that uncle must be saying to him get married and that’s his final decision. Raj says to tell him that you don’t want to get married. Raj says that Gauri is a Bitch. So we shouldn’t have any relationship with her.He says she is like a Bitch who fights without reason. All that was happened today was also her mistake. She asks him what did you say? He replies that I called you Bitch. Gauri says that di has said no to this proposal already. Raj clears her that we dont’ want any relationship with you too. They both squabbles. Aman and Karuna comes and stop them. Dadi says to Damini that we have already paid for that sharap so now I can’t get my daughter married
in this house as I dont want to take risk. Dharam’s mom was sleeping. Suddenly the hand comes in her room. Gauri was roaming out.

Dharam’s mom at a moment wakes up and feels like if something was there. She falls down and screams loudly. The door gets closed and the hand throttles her. The hea asks her that where are my rest parts. Everyone from outside was trying to break the door and then Raj breaks the door. The hand hides and disappears. She says that someone was
there and that wanted to kill me. She adds that I was asleep when it strangled me. Gauri says them that there is something written there. Everyone was dazed. She says yes. And adds that I saw it too. She asks in fear that Is that tantrik coming back. If he will be alive then everything will be ruined.


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