Suhasini becomes sacred on seeing that tantrik and Tantrik says you came here for me and we will get united today. One man comes and holds the tantrik that he cannot do like this to her. that man also comes there and says let’s go and call all men and women. Prithvi says that we will destroy that tantrik. Pandit ji says that he does black magic and we should not interfere with that man. Prithvi says i will let that man to die.

Prithvi says i do not believe in the black magic and things. Suhasini’s husband says today is our first night and we should not think about anything else. Mahendra says i want to love you. Suhasini becomes scared and sees that tantrik in the mirror. He follows her and says i will get you. Everyone comes and saves Suhasini.

Suhasini becomes so scared and then Pandit keeps that tantrik in the circle of pure thing. He becomes so angry and holds Mahender up and Suhasini becomes scared. Then Suhasini takes up the axe and cuts his hand. Then she cuts his head. Then they all hide his body parts separately.

Then story shows up at Mumbai and Gauri comes with her sister. Gauri asks why the house is so decorated. Mahendra tells that they came for your sister’s wedding. Dadi becomes sad that they will not go to Ramnamgarh. Mahendra says that we will not talk about this. Two boys come and one is Raj. He is so flirting.


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