Qayamat ki raat episode starts with Birju gets caught. Uncle tells that he is a pupil of that tantrik and he is also with that guy tantrik. They all get scared. Birju gets the hand of that tantrik and that hand directs him to do everything. They attack Gauri and her sister. Birju runs and then They ask him to tell why he went inside and what he did with his father.

Pandit ji comes and says who went in the temple. Gauri says what are they doing. Dharam says i will kill this Birju and he is responsible for the condition of my father. Gauri says please leave him and do not believe on this superstition. They say its important and that tantrik will become more powerful. Villagers say that let that man burn. Tantrik gets annoyed that if this hand will burn then i will never get to unite my body.

Prithvi comes with the police and police stops them. Police says no on will do anything like this. Prithvi asks why you were doing like this. That hand also runs away. Police says we will take him to the police station. Dharam says he has all the answers to my question and i will not let him go.

Pandit thinks today the wind is blowing in different directions. Prithvi asks everyone to come to home. Prithvi asks his wife to bring sweets. Vikram’s wife comes and says that old mandir is now open. That hand of tantrik comes to the house of Prithvi and Meenakshi talks about Lakha. Tantrik thinks this woman knows about Lakha and we have to ask from her that where is Lakha as he knows where all my body parts are hidden.

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