Hello all the peers and cricket enthusiasts, we hope you all are good and safe and take all the precautions against COVID-19. We all know how much we are missing cricket in this crisis as almost all the game of the cricket has been postponed as the multitude emerged as the major reason for spreading Coronavirus. But don’t be sad as there still some highly engaging match series is going on. Lately, Vanuatu Women’s Super League 2020 has almost reached its conclusion and all set for its first semi-final within a few moments. PWS(Power House Shark are all set to squaring off against TBB(Tafea Black Birds) for the semi-final clash.

So, the semi-final of Vanuatu Women’s Super League 2020 is decided to play between PWS vs TBB at Vanuatu Cricket Ground-Second Oval at 3 AM according to Indian Standard Time, while at 9:00 AM according to the local time. If we concern about the pitch report, it seems that the pitch is more favourable to the batsman. The team who will win the toss should choose to bat as they can build a huge score which will be difficult to chase by the opponent. According to the weather report, there are no chances of rain, so both the team will get appropriate time for their innings.

PWS-W vs TBB-W live

On behalf of the latest report, Vanuatu is one of the safest countries as the effect of the dreaded infection disease is much lessen there and authorities find it completely safe to resume the match events in between this lockdown as it can be continued further without any risk.


According to the latest report published by Sportsrush, Mr. Shane Deitz CEO of Vanuatu Cricket said ” We have decided that it is safe for us to resume our cricket activities, he added “however, we understand that there is still a need for physical distancing and we will do our best to ensure that we abide by physical distancing recommendations and also maintain good hygiene.

If we analyze Power House Shark, the team is knowing for its robust gameplay, the team can give a quite tough competition to its opponents. It will be challenging for PWS opponent to tackle them. All sides of the team are highly strong and there are no loopholes seem.

PowerHouse Sharks Women Probable XI Squad: J Avock, J Kalwatman, J Jackson, M Nalin, L Wesly, M Fare, M Vira, G Kaiapam, J John, M John, J Napuat, V Vira, L Fred, R Shem, A Pakoa, K David, L Solomon, M Shem, M Kenni

While coming to Tafea Black Birds, the team give a better performance in each of its matches, all the key players of the team are in good form, but still, it will be a little difficult for the team this time against PWS-W.

Tafea Blackbirds Women Probable XI Squad: S Navaika, L Kenni, R Kaltoronga, S Kenni, L Semo, A Kalran, K Seikiai, E Kalosin, L Jeffrey, M Shem, N Navaika, M Jerry

Well, it supposed that the chances of winning for PWS W are higher in this match and the team will face the unbeatable Mele Bulls in the final. But the game can be flipped if TBB will do something expectational. We have to wait for the authentic result till the match ends till the match ends. Stay tuned for more.


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