Punyashlok Ahilyabai, 15th June 2022, Written Update: What Will Ahilya Demand From Khanderao?: We are going to share a written update on the most prominent show. This is an amazing show. It has gained huge popularity among people. On the basis of the clips of the promo video. This serial was telecasted on Sony Entertainment Television Network in January 2021. This Hindi television is produced by Nitin Vaidya, Ninad Vaidya. This serial has gained a brilliant fan following, many people follow this serial. This show is going to be superb thrilling and outstanding. The latest episode began with Khandero getting busy searching for the goons. Guru Ji is handling all the responsibility of darbar. Krishna pampers Ahilya to protect her health. Krishna handles Ahliya by taking her care. After some months, the Attacker appeared near Narmada and explained that Gunnu Ji and Khandero leaves to kill the man. Follow UptoBrain.com For More Updates

Punyashlok Ahilyabai

Punyashlok Ahilyabai 15th June 2022

Gunu Ji feels happy and thinks that everything is under control. Gunu gives the order to the servant to give the gifts to all the Darbari on his behalf and says not to give the gifts to Muku Ji and Ganga Baa. He says all the Darbari should be on his side. Tukoji comes and says to Ahilya that this is the 7th day, that Khandela didn’t come back, and says that they have to do something frequently because the situation is getting worst.

Punyashlok Ahilyabai Written Update

He says that from the time Gunu Ji has taken all the responsibilities of the Darbar, nothing is getting good. All the decisions and activities are against Malva’s better. Gautama asks how is this possible when Gangoba and Tokuji are there. He replies that Gunu Ji shows the proposal and he approved it on his own. Khanderao also approved this without reading the paper and stamping or signature on the papers.

Ahilya asks for an example of this, and he recalls Gunu Ji talking about raising the interest on the loan. He tells the ladies are concerned, many ladies come back to the machines and lose their jobs. He says after 4 months there is no improvement in the Dak Vayvastha. All are arguments for his decision. Several are on his side. Ahilya says that many times she has made him understand. He says this is not the only thing, this is affecting the factories and industries. He didn’t discuss the Farmer tax with them. He says that he has come here to talk to her because the situation is getting worst day by day and they have to do something other otherwise everything will ruin. Episode ends.


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