The episode starts with Gautama and Ahilya. Ahilya is keeping fast for Khanderao but she says to Gautama that she cannot tolerate hunger anymore. Gautama says that this fast is for the long life of your husband so you have to keep it for an entire day. Ahilya thinks of Khanderao and says that she will keep this fast for him. Khanderao goes to Gautama and asks if this is important for each wife to keep fast for her husband. He says that I am healthy and doing well so Ahilya doesn’t require me to stay without water and food for an entire day. Gautama says that Malhar is also healthy

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Episode 22nd June 2021

and fit but still I keep this fast for his long life. Dwaraka asks him to come to the point and say what he wants. He says that Ahilya is starving and I can’t see her like this. Gautama goes to see Ahilya that how’s she doing. Ahilya asks Harku to look after the breakfast preparation. She says that I cannot be here between the food items, this will make her break the fast. Harku suggests Ahilya not go to the kitchen today. Gautama says that women should learn to keep fast for a husband even she is starving.

Gautama gives Ahilya a task to be around the food and still keep herself away from it. She says to Ahilya that you are smart and going to win this task. This fast will teach you to be patient in life. She asks her to go to the kitchen and look after the lunch arrangements also. Gautama says that I want you to be an ideal daughter in law and people should get inspired by you. Khanderao makes fun of Ahilya, she says that I am upset with you. The Yamuna comes to the kitchen and Ahilya says that I saw you in the godown last night.

Yamuna says that I got the work to get the grains to sack arranged. Ahilya says that I didn’t see you working in the godown. Yamuna says that I finished my work and left. There is a lot of grains and no one can steal them. Yamuna creates a scene and starts crying. She says that Ahilya insulted me by calling me a thief. Dwarka asks Ahilya how dare you to talk to Yamuna like this. Bana asks Dwarka that it could be dangerous for our family. A maid calls them for Puja and everyone follows Malhar, Gautama, and Khanderao. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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