The most trending tv serial Punyashlok Ahilya Bai is taking new twists in the story. Definitely, it will reach the peak level of attention among the nationwide audience who love to watch Hindi tv serials. especially these types of audiences love to watch epic stories about the history of Indian kings and legends who had empires. Here is the Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Written Update of August 02, 2021. Let’s have a brief look at the upcoming incidents of the latest episode.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 2nd August 2021

As per the information, the serial will be telecast on Sony Entertainment Television at 07:30 pm. You can watch the show on your television as well as on an online platform also. Talking about the upcoming incidents in the show. We want to tell you some interesting points regarding the story. The Promo video has been released on Youtube by the official channel Sony Entertainment Television. The promo has gained huge comments from the audience.

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As we watch the promo and on the basis of it, we want to tell you that Khanderao is feeling sorry in front of Gunu ji. He asks Gunu Ji to give sorry to him this time. However, Gunu Ji is still in anger and doesn’t accept sorry from Khanderao. He telling all the incidents to Gunu Ji but still, the conclusion did not appear.

Now it will be interesting to watch the serial at this moment. Now the son of Khanderao has to take punishment from Khanderao. As a result of this situation, the serial will take a new suspense-filled turn in upcoming telecasts.

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While in the recent episodes we have seen some exciting scenes when Khanderao Son had argued with Gunu Ji and he was extremely angry with him. To solve the situation Khanderao tried so well and beg sorry to Gunu Ji but he did not ready.

So far we have these details about the upcoming episode. If we get any other updates about this. You can ask questions regarding the serial and other related queries. We will try our best and give you regular updates about this most amazing trending serial Punyashlok Ahilya Bai.


  1. Malhar this gunuji he is beating for kanderao he gets upest because of that Malhar please try to understand that malhar why you get upset for kanderao so please don’t do that malhar this kanderao he went to fight with along 3 person and that ladies she put the oil in the floor that kanderao fell down in the floor so kanderao he gets upest because of that malhar don’t talk like to kanderao I promise you that malhar you can do it kanderao you don’t worry about that let her do if you want than I have request for you and don’t go anywhere stay with aliya please kanderao stop that malhar that kanderao he said sorry for malhar so please try to understand that malhar that kanderao he will not do that malhar you can hug kanderao.

  2. aliya now on this 16 monday 2021 you are changing good you can do that if I don’t mind and you kanderao please change your face but you can do it okay.


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