The episode starts with Ahilya is trying to harm herself and also listening to music. Khanderao asks her to stop doing this otherwise her hand will bleed. She asks him if he is angry, and he refuses. She swears at him and says that she never tried to compete with him, She says that she doesn’t even know how to ride a horse, cannot fight, so how could she compete with anyone. Gangoba agrees with her and says that a woman will be inferior to a man. Malhar disagrees with him and asks him to change his thinking as a woman is not less than a man in any field. He says that educating women will be an initiative to change

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Latest Episode 21st June 2021

the thinking of our society. He says that the husband should encourage his wife to get a proper education as it will give them confidence. Gangoba says to Malhar that all he is saying to make Ahilya better. Malhar says that Ahilya is a smart girl and has a sharp mind, if we encourage her for education, she can do very well. He says that she has proved herself as a good wife, sensible daughter-in-law, and after getting educated she will be a confident queen as well. Gangoba asks them not to do anything which our society cannot accept. Malhar says that someone has to take the initiative to change society and Ahilya will bring that

change.  He says that it wouldn’t be easy but I will help her do this. Khanderao asks Ahilya to stop hurting herself as he is not angry with her. She asks him to swear to her that he will never be upset with her. Tukoji comes to their room and happy to know that they patch up again.

Tukoji gives the news of Ahilya education to Khanderao. Khanderao got angry and gets upset with Ahily again and breaks his promise. Ahilya talks to Gautama that she will stay at her uncle’s place as he always treated her

like all his children. Malhar asks Gautama that he will educate Ahilya and he has already done the preparations. Gautama says that Ahilya doesn’t serve to study and she will prove it soon. Malhar asks her to bring Ahilya’s cloth and takes her with him. Ahilya is worried about Khanderao as he is not happy with Malhar’s decision of giving education to her.

Tukoji asks her not to get sad as she will make everything fine with her smile only. She goes to her room and sees Granth and started daydreaming about her study. She sees herself sitting here and studying. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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