The episode starts with Tukoji told that Khanderao has read a letter for him which has come from Chondi. He says that it’s Ahilya’s birthday and he asked Sushila and Mankoji to get something for her. Gautam asks him to keep it as a surprise for Ahilya and asks Khanderao to give her on his own to surprise her when we all will celebrate her birthday. Malhar says that he is happy to see this as he didn’t expect it from Khanderao. Khanderao says you always did this mistake and I always tried to make you understand this. I am not your enemy and also support you in every situation.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 17th june 2021 Episode


You have the right to share your happiness with the one you love. Khanderao says that I cannot accept the invitation to her birthday celebration as it doesn’t matter for her if I join them or not. He says that Malhar If you are with her she doesn’t need anyone else. Gautam talks to Malhar that Khanderao cares about him but he will never express it.

Ahilya thinking about her friendship with Khanderao. Malhar says that Ahilya is younger than Kanderao but she is his wife and she has to learn to live with him to lead a happy married life. He says that kids should also learn to solve their issues without seeking our help.

Malhar agrees on it and says that Khanderao and Ahliya should patch up again. Harku says that when Ahilya and Khanderao will be firmed, Ahliya will be able to bring him to the right path and this is the only reason they accepted her as their daughter-in-law. He says that I have faith in Ahilya that she will help them to get the thing that they failed to achieve as a father.

He gets perfume for her which made her smile. Ahilya gets herself ready for the puja for the Rudra Abhishek and says that this is the special day for me so she wants everyone to join puja.

Ahilya is happy to learn that everyone has remembered her birthday and brought gifts for her. Gautam says to Ahilya that her parents sent gifts for her. Malhar agrees that they sent it to surprise you. They ask her to open her birthday gift in front of everyone. Khaderao doesn’t join them in aarti which made Ahilya sad.

Tuko Ji says that Khanderao is busy with some work so he will join them in celebration only. Ahilya is happy to know that and thinks of reuniting with Khanderao at the birthday party. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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