The episode starts with Ahilya keeping fast for Khanderao and feeling hungry and thirsty. Khanderao asks her not to keep fast for him and gets food for her. He wakes her up and says that we are friends first then husband wife. I cannot see my friend hungry so please have water and food. She starts crying and says that I am happy to see your concern for me. He says now have food before anyone see them. She refuses to have food as it can be a sin to break the fast. He says that I am your husband and you are keeping this fast for me.  He says that someone will hear that I am here with you, so please have food.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Episode

Tukoji asks Khanderao if he has given food to her. He says that Ahilya refused to have food. Tukoji says that you need to act like a good husband that Ahilya deserves. Yamuna overhead them and says that Ahilya made fun of me and now I will take charge of playing game. She goes to Gautama and says everything to her. Gautama asks Harku not to tell anything to anyone as this is the matter of Khanderao’s safety. Gautama goes to

Ahilya and scolds her to have food during her fast. She says that if you would really worried about Khanderao then you would have never thought of breaking fast. Khanderao comes and says that he brought the food for Ahilya but she refused to have it. Gautama asks Khanderao not to take Ahilya’s favour. Harku asks Gautama to listen Ahilya. Gautama says that she is disappointed by Ahilya and never going to trust her. Khanderao checks the food plate if Ahilya ate anything or not. He got shocked that she haven’t had anything.

Ahilya says that you are my husband and I will always keep this fast for you. Gautama sees this and feels guilty. Gautama apologize to Ahilya and says that I am worried for Khanderao that’s why I got angry. I am feeling bad that I scolded you before listening anything. I can also be wrong. She asks Khanderao to be with Ahilya until she finishes her food. Ahilya is happy to know that Gautama trust me and I will never disappoint her. Khanderao gives her food to eat and asks her to smile. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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