The episode starts with Ahilya crying as Guru Ji scolds her for not learning Varanamala. Khanderao helps her to learn Varanamala. Guruji warns her that if she is not able to learn this then she can quite study. Bana says that he thought that Ahilya is smart and a quick learner but he is smarter than her. Then the Yamuna overhears everything and says that they don’t need to worry about Ahilya as she is not serious about her study. Harku says that Ahilya is doing what he asked her to do, if she will not study then I will be responsible for all this. Khanderao thinks about Ahilya that she always supported him in his worst.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 23rd June 2021

He saw her crying and didn’t do anything. Harku tries to console Ahilya and she hugs her. Ahilya cries and says that I can’t study now and Guruji also said that they will not teach me. I am trying to concentrate on my studies but still, I cannot learn. Harku encourages her to focus on her studies and he will help her to learn Varanamala. I will help you to fulfill your dreams. Ahilya got scared when Khanderao comes to meet him in her room.  He holds her hand and takes her with him. He takes her to the class and lights the candle. He says that he will teach her in a different

way. You will definitely understand when I will teach you. He teaches her Varnmala and holds her hand while she is writing. He says that when Guruji will ask you tomorrow to write Varnamala then you will able to write it. He says that this could be the last chance for her to prove herself. He says that if you will no study well then people will taunt him so from now on I will help you in your study. In the morning, everyone is praying in the palace as

the Nizam army trying to attack them. Tukoji says that we need to protect Dhana Ji, Guru Ji, and Praja so we cannot leave Malwa. Bana says that he is worried about the attack and people are also scared after knowing it. Khanderao asks how Nizam’s army can enter the Marwa. Gautama asks them not to worry as his father will win the battle as he always did. Khanderao asks Ahilya to come and study. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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