The episode starts with Ahilya studying in her room and  trying to learn shlokas. Khanderao is looking for Ahilya and laughs seeing her struggling to learn the Shlokas. She says this is not easy to learn them, I need to concentrate more. Khanderao also encourages her and says that you Sanskrit is Devbhasha and it will be tough to learn but daily practice will make her learn it. He reads the shlokas and teaches her. He asks her to read it with the proper pronunciation. Ahilya asks him to teach her property otherwise people will make fun of him. He says her to go to the class as Gugu ji has come. She thanked him and asks him to come along. She meets Harku and asks her to read Shlokas for him.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Episode

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Today’s Episode

She reads Shlokas which make Harku smile. Guru ji asks Khanderao to solve mathematics problems. Guru ji asks Ahilya to write the Varanmala and a servant calls him. Khanderao asks Ahilya to show her what is she writing. Ahilya asks him to let her concentrate. Khanderao drinks water and tries to see what she is writing. He sees that she has written the wrong Varnamala. Ahilya thinks that he will help her but he sits in his place and concentrates on his mathematics problems.

Ahilaya sees at his face but he ignores her. Guru ji comes back and asks her to show what she is writing. She got worried when Guru ji saya that she hasn’t written correctly. He asks her to concentrate if she wants to study. He says that I will not scold her as today is her birthday. He says that if you will not concentrate then we will end your study here. Khanderao teases Ahilya which make her sad. Guruji asks Khanderao to show his answers and appreciate him for all the correct answers. Guruji says that work hard as your father has many expectations for

you. Ahilya asks Khanderao why didn’t you help me to write the correct Varnamala. He says that you will learn from your mistakes and will not repeat them again. She got sad and got worried if she will not concentrate on her studies Guruji will not teach her further. Khanderao asks her not to worry about things and try concentrating on her studies. He offers her help to solve her problems. She feels happy and says thank you to him and the episode ends here. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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