The episode starts with Gunu Ji and Gautama and asks him to go out with his friends. He leaves for the Vanbhojan and asks him if he has done right. Gautama says that Malhar will be happy to know that Ahilya inspired him to take the right decision. He says that this shows the bond between husband and wife. They support and complete each other. Gautama says that she will come after some time and leave. She says Khanderao to teach Ahilya sword fighting carefully.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 28th June 2021

He says that I will take care of her. Gunu Ji says that whatever Gautama says that he has to tolerate. He says that why did you force Khanderao when he was not agreeing. He says that Gautama was right and anyone can easily recognize your intentions. Gunu Ji shouts and Dhana Ji says that

don’t forget that we are in Holkar palace. Gautama gives a key to Ahilya and says that this is a key to a dollhouse. Gautama laughs and says that this key was given to her by her mother-in-law and she has kept it safe since then. She gave me those keys as she has seen some qualities in me.

This is not just a key but also a responsibility. She says that she is giving these keys as she has seen the happiness on Khanderao’s face and she wants to see her be a good wife along with the good queen. Ahilya says that she was not expecting Khanderao will talk to her nicely. Dhana Ji says that Ahilya shouldn’t be with Khanderao as he has become a

useless son. This is something we should concern about. They are studying together and he pays more attention to Ahila’s study rather than his own. Dhana Ji says that we will keep Ahilya away from Khanderao so he can concentrate on his studies. He asks him to use his knowledge of doing this. Ahilya says that if I can study well then I will also learn the house chores. Gautama says that she is expecting the same from her and try not to disappoint me. Tukoji says to Gautama that he is happy that you took initiative to give some responsibilities to Ahilya as your daughter-in-law. She will not disappoint you. Yamuna comes to Dwaraka and says that Ahilya is misleading her path to becoming a queen.

She is just happy doing her house chores and study is not her primary concern. She is not even good at studies so she should quit her education. She says that Khanderao and Ahilya’s friendship is not good for them and they need to make a plan to make them fight and never talk to each other. Bana says that we need to praise Ahilya as she deserves to be the queen and pursue her study. She will take care of Khanderao and his throne as well. She is a responsible wife, daughter-in-law, and trying to be a queen. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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