The episode starts with Guruji appreciate Ahilya to write Varnamala correctly. He says that you are very talented and I am surprised that you have learned it in a very short time. She says that Khanderao helped her to learn and she practised it all night. Guruji praises Khanderao to share his learning experience with Ahilya. Guruji asks her to practice mathematics question and sees that Khanderao helping her and smile. He thinks that after seeing the bonding of Ahilya and Khanderao, Malhar will be very happy. Dwaraka says that the friendship of Ahilya and Khanderao is important to improve their relationship. Bana says that they will catch again soon but their fight shouldn’t affect Ahilya’s education. The Yamuna says that Ahilya will contribute less in their company as compared to Khanderao.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 24th June 2021 Episode

So her education is not a big concern. She asks Guruji to give proper education to Khanderao as he will be the heir of the throne. Ahilya thanks Khanderao to help her. He says that this is what Holkar’s family man does. He says that he helped her when he got the chance.

And now he needs to see his friends. Harku comes and Ahilya hugs her and says that Khanderao helped her to learn Varanmala. She says that how did you know that Khanderao will help me if I got scolded by Guruji. Khanderao overhears everything.

He confronts Ahilya and says that you make me fool and I am a complete donkey who had blindtrust you. Dhana ji says that we will make Khanderao busy so he wouldn’t have time for his nonsense. He will forget about his responsibilities and when Malhar will be back from the battle, they will know their mistake of believing his son. Khanderao keeps scolding Ahilya and says that he will never trust her back. Dhana overhears the drama and says that Ahilaya’s education will be a threat to them as she is very smart in her studies.

She made a drama to make her friendship stronger with Khanderao. They cannot let this happen. He tries to manipulate Khanderao against Ahilya and says that he should take revenge on her. Ahilya and Harku got upset knowing that Khanderao learnt about their plan. Harku feels bad that he made this plan. Ahilya asks him not to get sad as he has done everything to save her friendship with Khanderao and the episode ends here. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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