Today’s episode starts with Dwarka and Yamuna where the Yamuna tries to mislead Dwarka against Ahilya. Soya overhears everything and gets angry. Ahilya likes the toys and asks if Sita send these toys for her. Soya comes and throws the things. She says Ahilya if you try to snatch my thing then I will not spare you. I was mad that I decided to share these things with you. I don’t care what you think about me.

ahilya bai 22nd july 2021

if you play any game against my husband, or tried to snatch my rights then you have to pay a huge amount. She goes and Ahilya feels bad but Harku consoles her. Ahilya recalls what Soya said to her and cries. She says that Sits git upset when I pointed a finger at Gunu Ji. Khanderao also says that I have called one of my friends and I’ll go to Krishna’s house to get papers.

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Tukoji says that I am glad to see you and you are ready to become a good ruler. Khanderao says that yes I have gone to call her and I told her that we decide, she gave a look and said that she will talk to Malhar first. Ahilya goes to Malhar and asks her to come as she is going to be the future queen of Malwa.

He says that I thought you don’t feel any requirement to talk to me these days as you are getting Gyan from Guruji. She says you are wrong and I will always need you when I agreed with you and this will happen to me. She asks what’s the need of the relationship in our lives. He says it is more important than money and property. She says that relationships are supported which we need at each point of life. Justice is above all these things if a person is poor or rich.

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Ahilya worship in the morning and says that I want to do Aarti for Khanderao’s success. She wishes him all the best and performs Aarti with Tukoji. Tukoji and Khanderao leave from there. Gautama asks her what are you doing here with the aarti plate. She says that Khanderao has gone out for finding proof. Gautama says there would be some danger. She says that you did it right that you did Aarti, it will save him. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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