A piece of very shocking news is coming that a very famous Punjabi Writer Taran Gural took her last breath on Wednesday. The news is very sad because of a very huge fanbase across the country and following the writer. When she took his last breath then she was in Chandigarh on Wednesday morning. She was 90 and suffering from age-related issues for a long time. She was living with her two sons and family members. A very huge fan base is mourning over her demise and they sharing lots of pictures of the Punjabi Writer.

Taran Gujral Passes Away

She writes short stories and children’s literature. After that, Taran also dabbled in poetry and she got much love and appreciation from the audience. She was also considered as the soul of music gathering in Chandigarh. She was also very well-known at the places of Panchkula and Mohali. Now, her family members, friends, and fans are very upset after knowing the saddest news. Now, she will be always remembered by a very huge number of people. She is very well known for the Pothohar region of undivided Punjab and many people are very upset after the sad news hit the internet.

She has also witnessed two major displacements in her entire life. Her life was actually superb because she got much love from the entire audience and also collect many awards for her dedication towards music and writing. Her books and short stories purchased by millions of people and many fans are keeping her books and short stories very safe with themselves. At the time of partition in 1947 when Taran was a teenager. After that, the family settled in Kanpur, where Taran was married.

Later, she and her family had to migrate from Kanpur to Mohali after the anti-Sikh riots in 1984. Sadly, she living in Chandigarh for the past 15 years since her husband’s death. Now, she also took her last breath in her Chandigarh house. All the fans and many reputed personalities who know about her are mourning over her demise. Many people are upset when they get the news of her death. She containing a separate fanbase across the country but now her all fans and family members are upset and suffering from a very bad time. Our condolences to her family members and friends.


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