A very shocking piece of information coming from the village Patramu Dam in Ramgarh. Yes, we are talking about the trending hashtag #JusticeForPujaBharti. many people now know about the incidents and want to give justice to the innocent girl. Puja Bharti was a first-year MBBS student whose body found on Tuesday in the village Patramu Dam, Ramgarh. The family members of Puja surmising the murder and demanding Justice from the Indian Law. After the news went viral on social media then netizens highlight the matter from different states in India and supporting the victim’s family. Now, all the people who want to give justice to Puja Bharti supporting her family.

Jharkhand: Medical student was thrown in the reservoir with her hands and  feet tied up

let us tell you that Puja Bharti belongs to Gonda, Uttar Pradesh, and a promising student who persuing in the first year of MBBS at Hazaribagh Medical College. Before she joins the Hazaribagh Medical College, she remained in Kota for her preparation of three years. The matter does not come into the eye of Law until netizens make the issue huge and it is. Her body found in the Patramu district of Ramgarh. The most common platform Twitter trending a Hashtag of #JusticeForPujaBharti in which lots of people give their tweets to highlight the incident. So that, the Indian Law start the investigation in a legal way.

Before the day, she was found in a brutal condition, her mother talks to her via video call and she ate food in front of her. She also tells her mother that she has an exam in college at 3 PM. After that, her mother trying to connect her call but her phone was switched off. After just one day, her body found in a dam that increases the fear among her family that it was murdered. Her mother says that her daughter was very good at studies and Puja’s brother is an engineer in Chennai.

After her disappearance come in highlight then her brother leaves Chennai and went to his village. But, at the route, he got a call that her sister found in a very ruthless condition in a dam. Her father wants to get justice and claim that she was murdered. In providing justice to Puja Bharti, thousands of people come together and start a campaign to give Justice to an innocent girl. Today, on all the famous social platforms, the hashtag #JusticeForPujaBharti went viral and many people coming in touch to give Justice to Puja Bharti. The complete incident did not come in front of everyone properly but very soon the officials will give their statement about the matter. So, stay tuned with us to get more recent updates.


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