As we know Tik Tok is a very famous and popular platform around the globe. Wee many trends get viral on social media. Nowadays Puff Pass Nicki Minaj’s song is getting viral on the Tik Tok platform. People are enjoying the trend. Tik To is an entertaining platform. Several people love to spend their time on Tik Tok. It has a brilliant amount of users.

Puff Puff Pass Nicki Minaj Song Tiktok Trend

We see many trends come on the Tik Tok and people enjoy the new trend. They make videos on the trends. We have seen many people have gained amazing popularity with this platform. So here a form new trends have come on this platform. Here we will share many things about viral trends. Let’s continue the article. Keep reading.

Puff Puff Pass Nicki Minaj Song Trend on Tiktok?

Many emerging artists have earned fame and popularity before releasing their song officially through TikTok. This is the best thing for them that their song is getting viral in a short period. The new trend of the Tik Tok I.E puff Puff Pass song, which is named New Body and is created by Kanye West and featured Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla Sign in the track.

The song is sung and written by Kanye West ft. Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla sign. Several TikTokers were uploading videos with the trend and garnering fame and popularity in the world. Keep reading.

The news song whose title is New Body and the chorus Puff Puff pass being a buzz on TikTok.  Have you seen TikTok boring? here is a bet that this is not possible. We see TikTok comes with new challenges and viral trends every day. The content creator creates amazing content which entertains the watchers. When we scroll the TikTok we find something interesting and entertaining.

Puff Puff Pass Nicki Minaj Trend Explained!

If you want to see this new trend, you can watch it on TikTok. If you search Puff Puff Pass on the search bar, you can watch many videos of this TikTok. The video is available on YouTube and Insta as well. If you are a regular user of TikTok surely you will be aware of this new trend.

This is amazing for the singer that this is getting viral at high speed. You can also make videos on this new trend and enjoy and you can see the reactions and comments from the watchers if you are looking for a new trend. So don’t forget to watch the new trend. Stay connected for more updates.


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