Finally. PUBG (Player Unknown Battleground) is absolutely ready for the relaunch in after many obstacles from past months. On this Diwali, it might be Comeback in the Indian market only fir its gamers. As we know the main reason to ban this amazing battleground game was very crucial and sensitive towards the data privacy perspective but to kill all the obstacles and bounce back against all the problem they took big decisions and leave the participation of biggest companies for this comeback.

Previously as we know PUBG banned along with other 22 apps and due to privacy concern there was all the entry become not possible for this fan favourite game. The Indian government banned these apps because these apps found out vulnerable and weak according to the data privacy policies. There was one more reason behind this ban that the war situation and cyber-attack by Chinese hackers. So the government took this major decision to save our data.

If we talk about PUBG, it was found that Indian server of PUBG data was managed by Tencent gaming which is china originated company. It was highly unsecured that because china government has authority to collect any data from any Chinese company as per their rules.

Recently PUBG shut its all Indian servers which were managed in China by Tencent. From this point, everyone losses Hope for the comeback of PUBG.

This Diwali PUBG going to officially announce its relaunch in India with Indian server. We will update you further information after sometimes stay get in touch with us.

PUBG corporation finally takes the decision to break the partnership with Tencent and Now the Indian server of PUBG data will be handover and managed by Indian company Airtel or Paytm. The official name is still not yet revealed by PUBG Corporation but one of these has been selected and PUBG corporation started the work on Indian server planting in Indian for PUBG active user in India. Which more than 30 million.


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