PUBG released a new update for the mobile version of the Game on 12th of June 2019. The new update – 0.13.0 brings the new and exciting feature to the game, making it more interesting and fun. The top features introduced by the update include a new team deathmatch mode, a Godzilla theme courtesy the new partnership with Godzilla 2: King of Monsters, changes to Survive Till Dawn zombies mode and more. The size of the 0.13.0 version for the Android and iOS is 1.98 GB and 2.45 GB respectively. The top 5 features released with the same update include:

  1. Team DeathMatch: This Deathmatch feature includes two squads of 4 players each. The teams would fight in a small area with the deathmatch rules. If a player dies, it will get respawned immediately. If the player kills any of the opponents, it gets one point. A team wins, when it gets 40 points. This feature, however, needs some fixing as complaints are being reported at the time of desyncing.
  2. FPP Controls: The First person perspective control is one of the exciting feature introduced. It introduces separate control for FPP and TPP.
  3. Zombie Mode: Changes are being brought to Survive Till Dawn and Darkest Night modes. Four new zombies are being introduced in place of the old one.
  4. Crew Challenge Update: There are 6 qualifying matches now, which was 5 earlier. Also, one team can participate in 3 matches every day and 18 matches in total.
  5. Godzilla Theme: PUBG has collaborated with the Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters. This brings in exciting themes and other features from Godzilla Theme.

So, if you have not updated your game yet, go to your Google Play store, if you are an Android user and Apple play store if you use an iPhone and download the updated version of the game to enjoy these exciting features.



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