The popular Volleyball league, Polish Volleyball League is coming back with back-to-back matches for every single fan, and everyone loves to watch this amazing match every day. We have shared much information of the previous matches and fans are excited about the upcoming match.

psb vs cl

Tonight, the league is coming with two amazing teams and we will get to see team PGE Skra Belchatow (PSB) and team Cuprum Lubin (CL) on the volleyball court. Both teams have already played many matches in this league and once again, both teams are preparing to play their upcoming match tonight.

Now, the match is about to begin and every fan is waiting to watch this match and searching for some important details of the match including its time, date, venue, league, and many more details. If you are one of them who want to watch this match live so, you can also buy the tickets and visit the arena.

There are 14 teams in this league and every single team has played 13 matches. Now, both teams will play their 14th match and it will be interesting to watch because both teams are opposite to each other. So, keep reading this article and check the lineups player and best picks of the match.

PSB vs CL: Match Details

  • Team Names:- PGE Skra Belchatow (PSB) Cuprum Lubin (CL)
  • League:- Polish Volleyball League 2021-22
  • Venue:- Hala Energia
  • Date:- Tuesday, January 4, 2022
  • Time:- 10:00 PM IST and 04:30 PM GMT

PSB vs CL: Team Squad

PGE Skra Belchatow (PSB):- Kacper Piechocki, Sebastian Adamczyk, Robert Taht, Mikolaj Sawicki, Milad Ebadipour, Aleksander Czerwinski, Grzegorz Lomacz, Karol Klos, Mateusz Bieniek, Dick Kooy, Damian Schulz, Mihajlo Mitic, Robert Milczarek, and Aleksandar Atanasijevic.

Cuprum Lubin (CL):- Michal Gierzot, Florian Krage, Pawel Pietraszko, Kamil Szymura, Wojcich Ferens, Jedzrej Kazmierczak, Marcin Walinski, Kamil Maruszczyk, Maciej Sas, Grzegorz Bociek, Remingusz Kapica, Masahiro Sekita, Przemyslaw Stepien, and David Gunia.

PSB vs CL: Lineups Player

PGE Skra Belchatow (PSB):- Milad Ebadipour, Grzegorz Lomacz, Kacper Piechocki, Mateusz Bieniek, Dick Kooy, and Karol Klos.

Cuprum Lubin (CL):- Kamil Maruszczyk, David Gunia, Maciej Sas, Przemyslaw Stepien, Marcin Walinski, and Jedzrej Kazmierczak.

PSB vs CL: Match Prediction

Team PSB is at 5th spot with 9 victories out of 13 matches and on the other side, team CL is in the 11th spot where they won 3 matches out of 13 matches. We have also analyzed the performance of the team as how they played in their last few matches and it could be easily found that team PSB has played better than the rival teams. As per the experts prediction, team PSB has more chances to win this upcoming match tonight


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