Proxecto has been launched the India’s first hybrid tractor which is fully automatic and they are offering the price for this HAV S1 50HP is Rs. 9.49 lakh that hasn’t included the battery pack in this variant. The ex-showroom price for this will be Rs 11.99 lakh which is also a available in this variant of the hybrid tractor. The HAV S1+50HP has come up with a feature which is an AC cabin that would be more convenient. The HAV tractor was first presented in the World’s largest Agritechnical

proxecto specs

a program that was held in Germany in November 2019. The makers have ensured that there would be more than 25 features in this range of tractor that will be more convenient. They spoke about two models of the HAV series, 50 S1 which is a diesel hybrid and 50 S2 which is a CNG hybrid tractor. The S1 variant will save 28 per cent of fuel as compared to the S1 variant which is launched in diesel. The S2 model which of CNG, will emit the same power that the diesel hybrid tractor will provide The main function of the electric motor is to

egnite the current in the motor and the components attached to it. This will be the fully automatic engine that will work on self – energize techniques. This fully automatic tractor will work on the all-wheel electric drive technology which was first introduced in the hybrid tractors. In this tractor, the clutch and gear will not be placed but it will be having an easy driving modes which are forward, reverse, and neutral. There will be a special steering system which has a maximum cover steering system that will help to turn the tractor in a radius of 2.7m from the front side, side steer, and crab steer.

For the height adjustment there will be an independent suspension, so you can adjust the height according to your convenience. The another amazing feature of this hybrid tractor is the HMI display for the mounted steering which will help to use other relatable features of the tractor. There are many features that will help farmers to work easily in their fields. There will a minimum warranty of 10 years which is offering by the company. The price of these two variants has been revealed while the makers have announced the launched date of these tractors. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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