Who Is Property Manager Rachel Roche? Blackmail Businessman After Seeking Arrangement Relationship: This news will damn sure shock you as now people take advantage of the people who don’t hit back them. In this news, the same happened with a person. Though the fault is of both but taking the advantage of any situation is not good. If you thinking about what we are talking about don’t worry, we will give you detailed information about this news and what exactly happened. So, let’s get started. This news is all about men and a woman who met on a dating app in 2019 and now she found his one secret and wants to pay her for that. Follow UptoBrain.com For More Updates

Property Manager Rachel Roche

Who Is Property Manager Rachel Roche?

The beautiful property manager Rachel Roche blackmailed a businessman after having affair for many years, she is now 40- years old. Their story started in 2019 when both met on an online dating app and made a connection. But one thing that man didn’t share with her is that he is married and having children. She then know this while she was scrolling his Instagram and found a photo of him in which he was wearing a ring. She then asked him and he told her everything.

Property Manager Rachel Roche Blackmail Businessman

Roche’s lawyer in her favor said that after he came to know that she knows everything he started ignoring her and never responding to her calls, messages & emails. She then gets angry & betrayed and sent him the nine emails in January 2020 in which she asked for $150,000 in cash and also blackmailed him that if he didn’t send her the money she will tell the truth to his wife and will show the private images of both to her. She also demanded $50,000 per day if he can’t fulfil the total money by a certain date. Though we can’t share the details of the man as he took this matter to the court and he asked to keep his details private as this can tear his image.

After this, he shared this with the police she came into the charge of extortion which she claimed guilty and Ms. Black said she accepted her mistake and that was unlawful and wrong but the man also did wrong to her by hiding her marriage and showing he is not married. But this man can help Roche to get a house for her. She then gets to jail for 18 months but her punishment is suspended and if she did this type of mistake again she has to spend 18 months in jail.


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