One of the biggest headaches for everyone is how to lose weight and what they should do. Some think that they should change their diet schedule, while some choose to more exercise. Well, weight loss is now an easy task, and one must have to follow all the instruction related to weight loss.

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You can find many research and studies which will say that exercise can help you in weight loss. The reason behind this is, you may not have that much of control over your dieting habits, but you may have control over your exercise plan. Normally, the fitness enthusiasts follow this theory, but no study has not confirmed this yet.  Some research stated that one must have to add around 20 percent exercise in the daily routine to get the best result in weight loss. You can’t lose fat only through food; you have to do exercise regularly as exercise burns the calories. Apart from this, it has also been proved that exercise develops better sleep quality, enhances metabolism process, reduce cholesterol and stress. So, you can’t ignore this.

There are some people, who think controlling the food habits is easier than exercise. Because you may face issues while adding exercise to your daily routine. You can find various diets like Ketogenic to GM to Atkins to Paleo. They are effective in weight loss. Well, by controlling your diet you can reduce your weight, but it is a short-term change. As the changes in dietary can work faster than exercise, you will get the result faster. So, which one is effective?

Explaining this, some experts have stated that you should integrate both diet and exercise into your weight loss plan. It may seem like a tedious task, but if you can stick with the plan, it can give you the effective results.



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