Project Slayers Clans Tier List 2022: Here’s Step-By-Step Guide: Are you a Project Slayers fan and looking for the guide to acquiring higher clans in the game? If yes, then this article will help you in this. We have mentioned some best and easy tricks to acquire higher clans in Project Slayers. In this clans allow perks to the character. When you launch the game you will see numerous options. Follow More Updates On

Project Slayers Clans Tier List

Project Slayers Clans Tier List 2022

However, you will be able to switch between the options by using the up and down keys. In the list, the first option is to start the game. When you press the down key you will second option which is for customization, click on this button and a new tab will open. On the right side of the customization tab, you will spot the current clan of your character. The current clan represents where your character belongs. After clicking the spin the option the clan will reroll. Kindly scroll down the page for more details and information.

During the launch of Project Slayers the drop rate of clans is as follows, Rare 12%, Uncommon 23%, Common 60%, Supreme 0.1%, Legendary 4%, and Mythic 1%. If you want to get free spins then you have to keep an eye on Project Slayers codes. If you are running out of spins or don’t have free spins then you can buy it in exchange for Robux or Ore. Kindly scroll down the page for further details regarding Project Slayers clans. Take a look below.

It is needless to say but still, we tell you that higher grades clans are far better than other clans but they are also hard to obtain due to the low drop rate. Moreover, low grades clans or common clans are good for nothing as they don’t allow any perks or if allow perks in any case then it would not assist you much. We have listed clans and their tiers below. Take a look below.

  • Mythic Grade Clans: S Tier
  • Supreme Grade Clans: S+ Tier
  • Legendary Grade Clans: A Tier
  • Uncommon Grade Clans: C Tier
  • Rare Grade Clans: B Tier
  • Common Grade Clans: D Tier

Project Slayers Clans Tier Guide

Roblox Project Slayers game is an RPG battling game. In this game, users have to create a character in the empire of Demon Slayer anime. To learn how can you redeem codes in Project Slayers take a look below.

  • Visit the play mode of the game
  • Open Menu by pressing the M button on your keypad
  • Tap the Book icon
  • Find the Code text box
  • Enter your code
  • Press the submit code button and redeem it.


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