Currently, a piece of very heart-breaking news is hitting the internet that Former Vice-Chancellor of Anna University, Professor M Anandakrishnan passed away due to COVID-19. On 29th May 2021, the former Vice-Chancellor leaves everyone in a deep feeling of sorrow. Currently, his family suffering from a very saddest time. Let us also tell you that M Anandakrishnan was survived by his wife and four sons. He was very famous across the country because of his outstanding work for the country. Now, many people still in search because they can’t believe this saddest news.

Professor M Anandakrishnan Passes Away

Professor M Anandakrishnan

Let us also tell you that the personality was very well-known for his outstanding and strong contribution to the field of education. He was a very important person in various fields because he also won the Padma Shri award for his prestigious work towards the country. Now, DMK MP Kanimozhi said, “It’s saddening to hear about the death of Anandakrishnan, who was the former VC of Anna University and Former Chairman of IIT Kanpur. Whenever I used to meet him during my flight journeys, he would talk about how education should uplift society and be a path for social justice. He is a man much respected by Kalaignar Karunanidhi. I extend my condolences to his family and friends”.

As everyone knows that many people know him and paying a very soulful tribute to the personality because he deserves such respect from everyone in the country. He worked a lot for the entire country and millions of people across the country are suffering from the heavy loss. His family members are going through a very tough time and everyone wants God to give them the strength to bear the loss and the saddest time. Our deep condolences to his family.

It is one of the saddest news, we have heard and after hearing this news, his family members and close friends facing a rough time. May God give strength to his family and close ones to go through this time. At the moment they need our support and mental peace. We hope they will come out of the situation very soon and bear the loss. In his career, he served as Former Vice-Chancellor of Anna University, Chairman, Board of Governors, IIT Kanpur. He will be remembered for his contribution to the betterment of society. May his soul rest in peace and we pray the god gives him the strength to everyone to bear the saddest news.


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