Recently, an old case reopens with the statement of the person who reached the place for the very first time. A fire chief, who was one of those who arrived at the crash site of Princess Diana, spoke and said what the princess had told him at the time. The case is going to take a turn into a mysterious accident as many people thinking that it was a planned accident. The fire chief told that the princess asked him “Oh my God, what’s happened?” when he reached the spot to rescue the people who still alive after the fatal road crash.

Princess Diana Cause Of Death

The name of the fire chief is Sgt. Xavier Gourmelon and was one of those people who went to the spot to rescue the people but when he arrived at the place then he found that Diana was still alive and moving. Let us tell you some more important information related to the topic we are talking about. So, the terrific accident happened in August 1997 in which Henri Paul who was the driver of the car, and Dodi Fayed who was the new boyfriend of Princess Diana, lost their lives instantly when the car crashed from the pole.

After Gourmelon rushed to the spot where the car collided with the pole, Diana seemed physically well but her shoulder injured because of the accident. Gourmelon took her to the hospital but did not know that he was helping the princess because he did not know her. An off-duty doctor Frederic Mailliez was also the first person to help her. He said, “I discovered then she was a most beautiful woman and she didn’t have any (serious) injuries to her face. She was not bleeding (then) but she was almost unconscious and was having difficulty breathing. She looked fine for the first minutes”.

The doctor was going through the route from the party but when he saw a car is crashed at the place then he stops and went to the spot to save lives. He saw two people dead and two are injured but still alive, the bodyguards of Princess Diana. Later, he helped Diana to sit on the floor of the car but he left the place as emergency workers took over. Now, the case again catches some eyes on it as Gourmelon announced a statement about the incident. Princess Diana lost her life in a fatal car accident on 31st August 1997 which was actually very shocking for the entire family and country.


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