Another big and shocking news for all the residents of Pakistan that Prime Minister Imran Khan tested positive for COVID-19. The confirmed statement issued on Saturday and also just two days before he took the first shot for the COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine that Prime Minister Imran Khan took was developed in China. The news first hit the internet by Faisal Sultan who is Imran Khan’s Special Assistant on National Health Service. He said that Khan is self-isolating at home.

Prime Minister Imran Khan Tested Positive for COVID-19

The proper tweet of Faisal Sultan on his official Twitter account was “PM Imran Khan has tested positive for Covid-19 and is self-isolating at home”. Let us also tell you that on Thursday, Imran Khan took the first dose of Chinese coronavirus vaccine Sinopharm, and after two days on Saturday he tested positive for COVID-19. All the people who know and want the good health of the Prime Minister are regularly praying to god for the wellness of Imran Khan. Let us also tell you that the vaccine is only available in Pakistan and effective after two doses of the vaccine.

After that, Pakistan’s Ministry of National Health Services clearly said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was not properly vaccinated and he currently contracted the virus. The official tweet of the ministry said “He (Imran Khan) only got the first dose and merely two days ago, which is too soon for any vaccine to become effective. Antibodies develop two-three weeks after the second dose of two-dose Covid vaccines”. The official statement said that China had donated almost 5 lakh doses of the Sinopharm vaccine on 1st February to Pakistan and after that, the vaccination drive started in Pakistan.

Imran Khan took the first dose of the vaccine on the day when the second consignment delivered from China to Pakistan. Now, Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan self-isolating at home and keeping his full care to overcome the disease. All the local residents of Pakistan are praying for their Prime Minister and the people who know him also want his good health. His family members also suffering from the tension period and they all are upset after hearing the saddest news about Imran Khan. We will update all the details here and you will very easily know all the information without any hesitation. Stay connected with us to know more about the current topics.


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