Primark Girl Video, Birmingham Primark Mall Fight Video Goes Viral On Twitter: A few days back you may have heard about a strange and weird incident when two women were involved in a fight in front of the customers at a flagship store in Birmingham. Now once again this story has started unfolding by the netizens. If you are still looking for a detailed article then stick with this article and fetch everything that we have mentioned in this piece. According to the reports, the ongoing viral video is getting popular with the titles “Primark Video” and “Fighting Poo Video Viral”. You are advised to stick to this page for a while and read it down till the very end. Follow More Updates On

Did The Primark Girl Kill Herself

Primark Girl Video

As per the source, the fighting poo incident happened on 9th July but this brawl became a hot potato on social media when a video of the Primark store came out on the internet and showed how two women were giving blows to each other during the fight. As there are ample videos are there on the internet in which women are fighting but this video went viral because one of the two women involved in the fight pooed in the pant during the brawl. This is the reason audience is giving an immense response to this video. Let’s explore more about the Primark video in the further section of this article. Primark Girl Video

Birmingham Primark Mall Fight Video

As mentioned, two women started fighting at a flagship store in Birmingham in front of customers and their fight was also recorded by the surveillance cameras and now that video has surfaced on the internet. Following the brawl, a Primark official reported, “We are aware of an incident that took place between two customers in our store on Friday. Store management and store security swiftly addressed the issue”. Scroll down the page for more details.

Who leaked the Primark Fighting Poo video on Twitter? Reportedly, there is a user whose account goes with a fake username who released the video and make it viral content on Twitter. As per the source, it has now been more than 10 days since this incident was reported but netizens are still curious to read more about Primark Flagship store’s incident where two women were involved in a fight. The viral video also shows one of the two women was also not wearing undergarments which is apparent in the leaked video. Stay tuned to this page for more such updates and reports.

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