Vanna White Broke Down After Losing Her Cat Stella:- An American TV personality, Vanna White broke down teary at the end of her popular show, Wheel of Fortune after she revealed the passing of her beloved cat who has gone from the world. The fans of WHEEL of Fortune also broke down and were touched by the “emotional tribute” that followed. Vanna White announced this upsetting news at the end of tonight’s episode that her car, Stells had passed away.

Presenter Vanna White Broke Down After Losing Her Cat Stella At WHEEL Of Fortune Pictures

Vanna described her car as a “member of the family” before the show aired a touching tribute to the recently passed pet. Along with emotional music, the viewers of WHEEL of Fortune were shown photos and videos of Stella at home with Vanna and her beloved family. Vanna White Broke Down After Losing Her Cat Stella

Vanna White Cat Stella Passed Away

The host, Pat Sajak added,” I’m so sorry about that”. He also consoled Vanna while Vanna was seen teary on the stage. Along with viewers of the show, the fans of Vanna pay their condolence and express their sadness for Vanna’s loss. Vanna White took Twitter and tweeted with a beautiful video,” My sweet Stella has gone to Kitty heaven. I miss her so much. Here are some special memories of the 16 years we had together”.

In the beginning of this month, Vanna also lost her beloved father who was 96-years-old. She also tweeted and wrote,” It is with great sadness that I tell you my 96-year-old dad passed away peacefully this morning. He lived a full and happy life and will be remembered as one of the kindest and most wonderful human beings of North Myrtle Beach. I love you so much, dad. RIP”. Vanna shared a picture of her and her father together. Herbet White Jr. (Vanna’s father) died at the age of 96.

Vanna White memorable picture of Stella with her and her entire family. With her picture, it seems that Vanna is a huge cat lover and kept her follower by sharing pictures of Stella over the years on her social media handles. A Facebook user commented on her post,” So sorry for your loss. It’s so hard losing a cat or any pet. Cherish all good times you had with Stella during this difficult time”.

Vanna’s fans didn’t take much time to express their deep condolence over the passing of her cat. Another user shared,” I lost my Lily last month and there is a permanent hole in my heart. It looks like Stella had a fantastic life with you”.



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