The superhit Indian Hindi-language political action drama film “Prasthanam” world tv premiere will be on 25th at 12:00 pm. This movie is a political action drama movie which is directed by Deva Katta and produced by Maanayata Dutt under the banner Sanjay S Dutt production. This movie is the action remake of a Telugu-language film named “Prasthanam”. Sanjay Datt, Jackie Shroff, Chunky Pandey, Ali Fazal, Satyjeet Dubey, Manish Koirala, and Amyra Dastur will be seen in the lead role. The film was released on 20th September 2019. The story of the movie dictates the story of a politician Baldev Pratap Singh (Sanjay Datt) who is the MLA from the Malihabad constituency.

Prassthanam Movie World Television Premiere

He is popular among people and going to win the MLA elections for the fifth time. Majid Maqbool who is the opponent of Baldev Pratap also obtained a party ticket for the elections from the Malihabad constituency. Baldev and Badshah have beaten the goons who challenged Jaiprakash Kedar in local village elections. Jaipraka’s son Shiv decided to fight the election on behalf of his father. When Kishan Yadav came to know about this he tries to kill him. Here, Jaiprakash asks Baldev to marry his daughter-in-law Saroj (Manisha Koirala) and look after his son Ayush (Ali Fazal) and daughter Palak. Baldev and Badshah try to kill Kishen when he tries to escape the village.

Now Ayush works with Baldev to learn politics as he is going to be the heir of his legacy. Vivaan, who is the son of Baldev and Saroj is also planning to take over his father’s business. But Baldev finds him unfit for politics and wants him to study abroad. A new enemy of Baldev joins hand with Majid and obtains a ticket for the Malihabad constituency. Bajwa and Majid try to kill Baldev but failed in their attempt. Vivaan scolds the party workers of Baldev for their carelessness and Ayush insults Vivaan in front of them. Vivaan got angry and drinks on the hotel balcony. Asma sees him drinking and though that Vivaan is going to commit suicide.

She tries to save him but Vivaan attempts to rape her. He injects her with a drug overdose and rapes her. He called his friends to burn Ama’s body so no one can find about drug overdose and rape. Vivaan charged with Asma’s murder and rape case, which led Baldev to win the elections. Bajwa took advantage of this and force Baldev to join him. He releases Vivaan from jail and ensured him to replace Ayush from this political race. Vivaan tries to kill Ayush but kills Palak and her husband. Stay tuned to know the full story of this movie. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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