A very great surprise given by one of the most famous actresses named Pranitha Subhash. Yes, she stuns everyone by sharing very interesting news of her marriage on her Instagram account. Recently, the news hit the internet and all the fans of the actress got a very big surprise. The actress tied a knot with businessman Nitin Raju on 30th May 2021 in a Private Ceremony in Bengaluru. After sharing the great news, the actress also apologizes to everyone because not inviting anyone on this special occasion due to COVID-19. Now, she getting lots of replies, comments, and attention from the people towards her account.

Pranitha Subhash Ties The Knot With Businessman Nitin Raju

The news of her marriage went viral on social media when Pranitha and her husband share the picture of their marriage. The actress did not invite too many people because of taking precautions in this terrific time. But, one of her friends shared the picture of the bride and the groom. Later, Pranitha officially announced her marriage and shared a lot of pictures to show her marriage to her all fans. After that, the pictures got much love and beautiful comments from the audience. Millions of people who following the actress love her in the form of the bride.

The actress shared a long statement on her Instagram account to apologize to all the fans who waiting for her wedding. She said “We would like to inform you with great pleasure that we got married on 30 May 2021 in a very intimate ceremony. We are extremely sorry that we did not inform you of the last date because until one day before the wedding we were unsure about when the wedding would take place due to the current Kovid restrictions”. The post got various likes and many people across the nation give lots of beautiful blessings to the couple for their next step in life.

Let us also tell you that the couple met with each other and after they become common friends. Later, they talk to each other for a very long time and decided to live together with a new start. After that, the couple revealed their relationship in front of their families. Now they both blessed with their families and stepped into the second stage of life. Our lots of blessings and good wishes with Pranitha Subhash and Nitin Raju who recently tied a knot with each other. For further updates, stay connected with us and keep your identity up to date.


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