The baby’s health begins in the womb itself and with practicing carefully; the exercises can undoubtedly help the expecting mothers in numerous ways and can also reduce your time spent in the labor. According to the recent study conducted by the technical university of Madrid came out with the conclusion that exercising during pregnancy also impacts on how long the mothers spend their time in labor.


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Professor Ruben Barakat along with his fellow researchers conducted a study with around 508 healthy conceiving women and divided them randomly into two plain groups.

The first group that consisted of 253 women were named as the control group whereas the other 255 women were named as the exercise group. \the women in the exercise group were taught some of the simple aerobic exercises throughout their pregnancies that they followed during their three weekly sessions.

The researchers analyzed a wide range of factors when they gave birth consisting the time each one of them spent on labor, the mode of delivery, using the epidural, maternal weight gain and the baby’s weight after the birth.

The researchers concluded the experiment with the results as the expectant mothers who did exercises regularly during pregnancy period were more likely to spend little time in the labor rooms as compared to the ones who did not perform activities.

These exercising women were also seen not using an epidural while giving birth to their babies. A condition named Neonate Macrosomia is a situation when the newborn is a little more substantial as that of the average born baby’s weight was seen more prevalent in the women who belonged to the control group.

Exercising during pregnancy period helps mothers in restoring their health and fitness after delivery and getting back to the healthy weight becomes easy.


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