Portia Odufuwa: Dallas Love Field Airport Shooting And Woman Death Identified: On Monday a shooting incident happened at the Dallas Love Field where a woman was the prime suspect of the shooting incident. Since then netizens are speculating about Portia Odufuwa. Who is Portia Odufuwa? It is being speculated that police have shot down Portia Odufuwa to death as she was the prime suspect in the Dallas Love Field Shooting. Yes, it has been confirmed that Portia Odufuwa was the prime suspect of the Monday shooting incident that occurred at the Dallas Love Field. This news is creating headlines and people are concerned about public safety as the suspect was walking around the airport with a deadly weapon. To learn more about this news scroll down the page and take a peek below. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Portia Odufuwa

Who Is Portia Odufuwa?

As per the source, a lady witnessed her shouting about her married and pointing the gun at the ceiling in a restroom. Later the suspect of the shooting incident was identified as Portia Odufuwa who was involved in the open fire at the airport of Dallas Love Field where a Dallas police officer confronted Portia Odufuwa in the lower extremities. Since then people are speculating Portia Odufuwa might have died due to gunshots. Kindly take a look below to learn if she is alive or not.

Portia Odufuwa Woman shot after opening fire at Dallas airport

Yes, it is confirmed that Portia Odufuwa was shot by a Dallas Police officer but it has not been confirmed if she has succumbed to her injuries or not. Reportedly, the officers rushed Portia Odufuwa to the Parkland Memorial Hospital. As of yet, it has not been confirmed if she is alive or not. The authority has not provided any report regarding Portia Odufuwa’s injuries. So we can not make any comment at this point regarding her. We have to wait for more until Dallas Police revealed how is she and where is she.

Portia Odufuwa: Age, Husband, Family

Now the next question is arising why did Portia Odufuwa shoot gun fires at the Airport. As per the source, Portia Odufuwa went to the restroom and changed clothes and came out with a gun in her hand, and started firing at the ceiling. But Dallas Police has not shared the motive of Portia Odufuwa’s firing at the airport. Even after knowing she would not able to escape the place after shooting she fired several gunfires toward the ceiling and now she is in a hospital.  However, an investigation has been initiated.


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