Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital – Debunks UPTH Death Of 14 Infants: This news is getting viral as after reading to this you will get eager to know more about as 14 infants died in a hospital. People are searching for this news to get more detailed information on the same. Some are saying that wrong allegations have been made against us to affect the reputation of the hospital but some are saying this is a piece of true news. If you too want to know what is a reality so you are in the right place. We have mentioned the detailed information on this news. So, let’s have a look below. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital

What Happened In Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital?

This news was confirmed by Public relations officer Elabha Meni in a press release held on Saturday in Port Harcourt. This incident took place in the University of Port- Harcourt Teaching hospital where all the practices are done and this place has the world’s best types of equipment and medical requirements. The 14 infants died from the power outage and people are now giving negative comments about this accident which took the lives of 14 infants. The assertion said that the people are trying to spread the rumors of this power outrage. They are sharing the pics of the hospital in a negative way.

One said that this news is wrong and people are spreading this in a bad way. The number of death is not accurate and false accusations are inaccurate. They don’t have data and maybe this power outrage was done by anyone else. Though the investigation is going by the police officers to know why this electric outrage happened in the hospital. This news first came on the Facebook post which was shared by millions of people and many are worried and giving bad comments about the hospital services.

This news is getting viral on the internet. Social media is filled with news and this news is now on the top of the internet. This news was first shared on the Facebook page which get a lot of attention from people. People are asking for information about what happened in the hospital and how many infants got hurt or died because of the electric outrage. The doctors and the team came forward and said that the rumors are spreading to tarnish the image of this hospital. We will update you when we get more information on this news. Stay connected with us for more latest updates.


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