The case of Sagar Rana murder taking a new turn and the custody of 2-time Olympic medallist Sushil Kumar extended by the police. Apart from this, the custody of his associate Ajay extended by four days. The police custody of Sushil Kumar was extended after the expiry of his six days remand on 23rd May. Now, the case became the headline, and millions of people searching for it because they want to get the result of it. The case becomes more popular when the name of Sushil Kumar added to the incident. As everyone knows that he is a very famous personality and contains such a huge fanbase.

Sagar Rana Murder Case

The court also gives the order to the police to conduct a medical examination of Sushil Kumar every 24 hours. The lawyer of Sushil Kumar meet him when he was in police custody and the lawyer came to meet him on the 4th day of remand. The 7 days custody for the wrestler confirmed by the Delhi Police but the Rohini court granted them. Currently, both the personalities are under police custody and many people still in search of the confirmed result of the case.

If we talk about the confirmed statement of the court then it said “No one is above law and law treats everyone equally. Though the constitution guarantees the right to life and liberty to all persons whether they are accused or not but that right is also subject to certain exceptions. Moreover, the importance of initial days of investigation to unearth the truth also has to be seen. The court is duty-bound to strike a balance between the fairness of the investigation and the rights of the accused”.

The entire case was Sushil Kumar and some more wrestlers fight with Sagar Rana and his two friends in the parking area. On 4th May, the fight happened in the place and Sagar Rana lost his life in the dreaded fight. After that Sushil Kumar and his associates continuously running from the eye of the police. But, Delhi Police caught Sushil Kumar and Ajay found in the road in the scooter. After that, a regular investigation is going on and all the people across the country are waiting for the result. Many people are standing against the wrestler because he did actually very badly with Sagar Rana. So, stay connected with us to know more information related to further updates.


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