Surprisingly, Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ is probably a much followed gorgeous female twitch streamer in the world. She has 6.8 million followers currently and due to her beauty she continuously dealing with unwanted attention. But now Poki has learned lots of things and has the ability to ignore unwanted peoples. This time she getting viral due to a funny incident and as well as unique in nature. Actually, she got a proposal resume which is seriously irritating for Pokimane. Let’s discuss the report and reveal some unbelievable facts about this news.


Actually recently it was reported that famous streamer Pokimane appeared on Christmas for a short small unboxing stream. There was an unexpected appeared like a gift. Let’s go through in deep of this news. As per information when Pokimane unveiling the box content then suddenly we saw something unexpected definitely.

It was a 4-page letter to the 24-year-old, which included a ‘boyfriend resume’ in case she wanted to “get to know him”. It came complete with a QR code, so Poki could easily find her way to images of her potential boyfriend, if she so desired.

“Erm, his prized accomplishments,” she read, much to the delight of her viewers. “Number one in computer science in my Princeton graduate class of 2018. Pretty impressive… and then he has his gaming credentials. Favourite multiplayer games right now, Warzone – 23 wins. Fall Guys – zero wins. I think it’s gonna have to be a pass from me.”

It was an unexpected stream which was not yet ever seen before. Mostly fans support her decision to reject the guy who wrote that letter and if we look at the reasons. So he was ultimately rejected on the basis of his less than impressive Fall Guys record.

Now its time to talk about her reaction on that letter and how she was reacted to see the proposal resume. As we have seen Poki laughed the bizarre proposal off with her charming attitude. She throws it side and went to unbox other gifts by her global fans from all over the world. The moment will never be forgotten by everyone who watched her that Christmas live stream.


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