The latest 78th episode of Pokemon 2019 is ready to appear on the screen soon as many watchers are eagerly waiting to watch and know about the upcoming episode. The latest episode of the show was aired online just a few days ago and now, we will get to see the Pokemon journey of Goh and Satoshi in the latest episode.

pokemon 2019 Episode 78

As we know that the Pokemon World Championships is about to start where the greatest Pokemon battle will be crowned and Satoshi stands on rank 99. Now, he has been entered to the Hyper Class, and Nagisa City’s gym trainer, Denji is going to be his first opponent. He is an electric type of fight that battled with Satoshi. They both reached Nagisa City and then, met.

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The fight goes further and the announcers ask them to choose their Pokemons for the fight. Denji chooses Rentorar and on the other side, Satoshi chooses Lucario. The fight starts between both Pokemons and the battle is worth watching as we have seen in the episode.

Now, many things are going to happen in the next episode and fans are eagerly waiting to watch the next episode as soon as possible but when it will be released. We are going to talk about the next episode that will be released soon.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 78: Release Date

After the episode release, the fans are now excited for the next episode that will be released soon and Pokemon Episode 78 will be released on Friday, August 27, 2021, at the scheduled timing 06:55 PM JST.

Due to the timing issues and locations, the episode can be released in most countries on Saturday. Many fans are also excited about the episode and expecting that it will be released on August 20 but the developers announced another release date which has been mentioned above.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 78: Where To Watch & Streaming Platform

Along with this, some fans are searching for some more information that where it will be streamed. So, the watchers can watch the next episode on the popular streaming platform, Netflix. Also, the fans can watch the series with English subtitles and it is accessible on the official Twitter account and website of Pokemon 2019.

Many fans are also want to know that what will happen in the next episode but it seems that the spoiler is not available online and before read out the spoiler, maybe you should watch the next episode of the series and that will make you more excited. Let’s wait for the latest episode of Pokemon 2019 that will be released soon.


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