The Basketball Africa League will start today’s match with team Petro Luanda and Patriots where team Petro his leading with winning won 4 matches in the tournament. This match is scheduled to be played at Kigali Arena at 04:00 pm. This league comprise 12 teams that follow the format of the UEFA Championship League. This is the confederation of the National Basketball and International Basketball Federation. Earlier, the season was postponed to 3rd March 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Their sponsors announced to kick off this season in January 2021.


Team Petro is doing great after giving 4 wins and 1 loss in the tournament. They recently defeated team ZML by an 89-93 score. ZML is the 3rd higher scorer team in African Basketball League. Team Patriots have registered three victories and in their account and lost 2 games. They have recently played a match against the team US Monastic and lost the match with a 75-92 score. The team Petro has already made their mark by winning 4 matches in the league. Let’s take a look at the live score of teams.

PLN Vs PRT Live Score:

Match: PLN Vs PRT African Basketball League 2021

Date: 30th May

Time: 04:00 pm

Venue: Kigali Arena

PLN Team Squad:

Jone Pedro, Joaqium Pedro, Leonel Paulo, Carlos Morais, Gerson Lukeny, Vander Joaquim, Aldemiro João, Antwan Scott, Ryan Richards, Jose Antonio, Gerson Domingos, Olimpio Cipriano, Childe Dundao, Joaqium Pedro

PRT Team Squad:

Jermaine Cole, Steve Hagumintwari, Gasana Sano, Aristide Mugabe, Bush Wamukota, Brandon Costner, Dieudonne Ndizeye, Jean Paul Ndoli, Prince Ibeh, Sadar Sagamba, Wilson Nshobozwa, Kenneth Gasana, Elie Kaje, Brandon  Costner, Sedar Sagamba

PRT Vs PLN Dream 11 Prediction:

Team Petro De Luanda is doing great in the African Basketball League Group B standings. They defeated team AS Police by 66-84 in the last played match. Because of this, team PRT are expected to give a tough competition to team PLN. Leonel Paulo, Childe Dundao, and Hone Pedro will be key players in today’s match. Marcus Thomas has played as a point guard in each game and surprisingly contributed to winning their team. Etienne Tametong will be the forward player as he has

scored 4 goals in the last 4 matches. Leonel Paulo will be the key defender player of PLN as he has saved many goals in the tournament. The centre player will be Home Pedro to give an expected start to the game. The team PRT centre player will be Vander Joaquim and more likely to be the team captain. It is clear on the basis of last 5 games that the team PLN winning today’s match. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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